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Employee Benefits

We have various types of additional benefits to employees in addition to their normal wages or salaries.

Employee Benefits Summary :

Each & every employee of GVIC is valued for their essential role in the overall achievement of our company.

This summary will provide with an overview of the benefits extended to our employees and their respective family members. The descriptions in this summary are only highlights of the benefits.


Employees must be employed in a regular, full time position and ready to work hard, will get appraisal  every year and their contribution will be identified and benefits extended to them.

Interim increment is also awarded for the staff  who are ready to take additional responsibilities and achieving their target / goal set to them.

We provide on job training to our staffs to equip their knowledge and to understand the human resource and strength.   

Statutory Benefits :

All our employees are covered under PF, ESI schemes and enjoying the benefits of that in their day to day and long term service.

We have conducted ESI photo capture camp at our office, which benefits to 70 plus of our employees.

Employees’ family members/ dependants are also eligible for ESI medical benefits throughout their employment.

ESI listed hospitals are there, can be utilized for self and dependants.

PF Pension scheme is really a standard income to the retired staffs after completion of 10 years of service.

PF savings are added with Government interest rate which is above bank interest and it is an invisible savings to their account and helpful during their retirement.

Welfare Benefits :

Daily Prayer :

We gather for 15 minutes daily office prayer at our training hall for the welfare of all staff members, for the customers, suppliers, vendors and community.  Respective family photos are displayed on the prayer wall.   Special prayers are conducted for illness and their upcoming bright future.

Monthly welfare pack :

To maintain personal hygiene we provide both bathing and washing soaps, coconut oil, hair net, check duster and hard duster.

Staff Food :

Weekly menu with special items are part of the employment for their healthy environment.

 Accommodation :

Bachelor accommodation facilities for outstation employees are provided with entertainment, recreation, etc.

Uniform & Shoes :

For lady employees, we provide 3 sets of saree, blouse, over coat to help them work flawlessly.

For gent employees we provide 3 sets of pant and shirt, shoes, apron, etc.

Educational assistance :

Educational assistance are given to our employees’ children a token amount for their fees, book etc. as a complimentary benefit.

Children Merit award :

Meritorious Children of our staffs who scored above 90% in X th &  XII th   are awarded to encourage the students achieved and to be achieved.

L.T.A. : 

We provide Leave Travel Allowance 1 month basic pay to our staffs who has completed 2 years of continuous service & with collected 6 months attendance bonus are eligible to go with their families for recreation to any outstation.

Employee Introductory benefit :

If an employee introduces a new staff and provides 6 month training, he/she will get employee introductory benefit as an encouragement.

Retirement benefit :

Those who left our company by serving more than 5 ½ years are eligible for gratuity and we extended the benefits to the respective employees.

Bonus :

Deepavali Bonus is distributed in advance to our staffs for the previous financial year.  Standard bonus percentage is 8.33% as against we are providing  for the past 3 years 12.5% as an extra benefit to our hard worked employees.

May Day :

We celebrate our annual day on May 1st every year with grand get together, cultural programs along their families and mementos are given to them

 New Year Celebration :

We celebrate New Year eve. On 31st December of every year with special prayer and a small memento, cake is given to the employees.

Medical Health & Fitness Check :

Medical Health & fitness check up and reviews are conducted yearly once or twice to our staff to keep their health fit and hale and healthy. Emergency first aid box are filled with medicines for urgent first aid to be given to our employees.